A description of the drug marijuana used since the ancient chinese as an intoxicant

Drugs in Ancient Cultures: A History of Drug Use and Effects

Cannabis Strains As cannabis strains are continually discovered and grown the potency changes as well. Marijuana became widely accepted in mainstream medicine and was an ingredient in many over-the-counter products.

The use of cannabis as an intoxicant began to take hold in America in the early s. Other drugs in clinical testing include Epidelix for childhood seizures and Sativex for cancer pain.

Under the name Extract of Cannabis, marijuana was once widely used medically in the United States, and it still has minor medical uses in other countries.

History of the Intoxicant Use

During the 19th century, European interest in the drug was aided by two scientific reports, the first by W. In November ofthe Newark Star-Ledger reported the death of a seventeen-year-old who ran naked across a busy highway and hurled himself through a glass window after smoking a fry stick.

Indian Hemp Drugs Commission: A campaign conducted in the s by the U. Interest in recreational marijuana increased.

History of Marijuana

They are not addicting. Marijuana, or the plant Cannabis sativa, has been used as a medicine, as a part of religious ceremonies, and even as a fiber for making clothing, rope, and paper for many thousands of years. Still this does not lead to death, but rather to a possibly unpleasant "trip" with paranoid or psychotic extremely frightening episodes.

Supreme Court decided that medical marijuana use is illegal under federal law. Additionally, many people began to acknowledge that marijuana prohibition had failed. Whatever the case, marijuana users—even heavy marijuana users—can usually free themselves of the drug fairly easily if they have no history of other drug or alcohol abuse.

Chemicals in Cannabis Cannabis contains chemical compounds. Marijuana and Mental Health. Its use was popular among college students, free-spirited Beats, anti-war activists, hippies, and other youth.

A report from Africa in Reininger, But after a campaign to discredit hemp in the Hearst newspapers, Americans became afraid of something called marijuana. The drug is very potent: In all, there were approximately 30 pharmaceutical cannabis preparations in the s.

Cannabis: A Journey Through the Ages

The leading cause of death for young people is automobile crashes—and sometimes those fatal crashes are caused by marijuana, or a combination of marijuana and other drugs or alcohol.

However, since the s, marijuana has been used as a medicine for several specific conditions, although the legality of this use remains under debate.

Bongs work with tobacco as well as marijuana, but vendors who sell them still run the risk of getting arrested for peddling drug paraphernalia items used to deliver drugs into the system.

The secret tunnel led from a hut on Canadian land to an opening underneath a house in Lynden, Washington, a town very close to the border separating the two countries. Others say the doses are about the same. But state marijuana laws are continuing to change.

Marijuana Dispensaries In a variety of vending machines it is common to find marijuana packed at maturity, marijuana candies, marijuana gum and sometimes marijuana cigarettes.

A Schedule I Substance Having no current accepted medical use in the United States and a high potential for abuse, cannabis is a Schedule I controlled substance. Two reasons could account for this.

The Chronic Chronicles: A History of Pot

The first myth deals with hashish as a magical eastern drug brought by the Arabs into Spain in the 10th century.History The Origins of Cannabis.

The oldest known written record on cannabis use comes from the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in B.C. Ancient Greeks and Romans were also familiar with cannabis, while in the Middle East, use spread throughout the Islamic empire to North Africa.

Marijuana has been used as an agent for achieving euphoria since ancient times; it was described in a Chinese medical compendium traditionally considered to date from BC It also has a long history of use as a medicinal herb.

Its use spread from China to India and then to N Africa and reached Europe at least as early as AD Aug 17,  · Chinese Emperor Fu Hsi called cannabis a popular medicine in 2, BC, and the Chinese had identified more than medicinal uses for marijuana by AD.

1 In 1, BC, the Indians created a drink called bhang, a mixture of marijuana, milk, and other ingredients, and used it as an anti-phlegmatic and anesthetic.

For many decades in the U.S., marijuana has been painted as the psychedelic drug of hippies and stoners who lay around smoking dope to the detriment of their cognitive function. This image of marijuana use can certainly be attributed to one aspect of its culture, but Cannabis — a category of plants that include three species and seven sub.

The ancient Greeks used alcohol rather than marijuana as an intoxicant; but they traded with marijuana-eating and marijuana-inhaling peoples. Hence some of the references to drugs in Homer may be to marijuana, including Homer's reference to the drug which Helen brought to Troy from Egyptian Thebes.

Marihuana was also used as an intoxicant in other parts of the world prior to A.D.

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but was not as well documented as the use of opium. The drug "nepenthe" in Homer's Odyssey is believed by a number of scholars to have been a brew in which the most active ingredient was hemp (Brotteaux, 10).

A description of the drug marijuana used since the ancient chinese as an intoxicant
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