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Why was the Tsar Forced to Abdicate in 1917 - Assignment Example

It was rumoured that he belonged to a religious sect, the Kylysty. This is a stark contrast to August when the Duma showed total support for the tsar by voting for its own suspension for the duration of the war.

Working and living conditions were atrocious, and talk of a revolution soon spread through the overfull dormitories and work spaces.

They were also forced to work longer hours to cope with the demand of the war and to cope with the lack of men due to conscription. He had a crisis with his popularity basically everyone hated him.

The Petrograd workers faced arguably the worst conditions because they also suffered food shortages. In Russia had achieved remarkable financial stability but this was shattered by the war.

However, Russia was a vast country, and could not be controlled by one man. The army suffered food shortages and many soldiers went hungry.

In February Petrograd workers were on the verge of despair. Finally the military had turned against him. Hyperinflation caused the peasants to hoard their food because the little saving they had were now worthless. Peasants were unhappy about this and felt they were treated worse than the rest of Russian society.

The army was probably the most significant loss as they had kept people in line with threats of shootings, such as the Lena Goldfields Massacre. However, as the fighting continued the Tsar lost support from key sectors of Russian society.

This is very worrying because it is said among histories that a leader cannot survive if it does not have the support of military.

Why Was The Tsar Forced To Abdicate

Where was this money coming from? Again, talks of a revolution spread, and there was soon mutiny in the army. The populations fury bubbled over in February when a food riot turned quickly into a full scale revolution.

So what was the main factor that lead to his abdication? As a whole they new that only major concessions could suppress the situation.

Nicholas now faced an impossible situation. This was partically because most peasants were religious, and went to church.

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The Tsarist government took a lot of criticism over the situation and there was growing unrest across the entire land. This further increased the food shortages across the country. This situation did not just arise overnight it was brewing for a long time.

As peasants were fighting, there were less people to help work the land but despite this, food production remained high untiluntil it became clear that the government could not always be relied upon to pay for the food that was being produced.

Marchers carried pictures of the Tsar out of respect, but their leader had already fled at the first sign of trouble.Free Essays from Bartleby | Tsar Nicholas II’s abdication in February was an event that both he could have prevented, however a number of factors meant Home Page Tsar Nicholas Essay.

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Tsar Nicholas II

ecocentrism explained and defended my dissertation. This essay will look at the some of the issues that played a role in his abdication. Prior to Tsar Nicholas II becoming the Emperor, Russia had gone through some radical and political changes.

[tags: Romanov Dynasty, Russian History]. With the mounting pressures of World War I, combined with years of injustice toppled the rule of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia in March Tsar Nicholas II was rightfully blamed for his downfall in March His revolting actions resulting in detrimental impacts on Russia made him solely to blame for his abdication.

Politically, socially and through War, Nicholas was to great extent his own reason of causing his downfall.

Abdication of the tsar essay writer
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