Beowulf christian pagan essay

It also has many limiting rules. The thing that makes Beowulf so profoundly epic is that Beowulf is painted in such a heroic light and while the Christian influence is so subtly strong. Now, Paganism as a whole usually refers to areas underdeveloped and not as technologically advanced for the time period, like the Anglo-Saxon areas Dunwhich 25 Christianity is not just about Jesus, but the belief of the entire Bible, all of its concepts, and the usage of a moral code to live by.

Grendel is first introduced as "the creature of evil, grim and fierce, and was quickly ready, savage and cruel, and seized from the first thirty thanes," Chin.

Before the battle against Grendel, Beowulf says in lines Your review has been posted. But if he was totally virtuous and valued another human life without thinking of his own demise, he could then be paralleled to another Christian character.

Another pagan influence is instilled. The blending of these two beautiful, unassociated religions ensures that the epic has depth and an enthralling plot line.

Thanks God that Beowulf will go on a nice killing spree in the name of Vengeance. Not only appealing to the Christian audiences, the Characters in Beowulf take on certain Biblical roles that similarities in like characters can be drawn to.

Beowulf has proved himself a good man.

Beowulf: Christian Vs Pagan Influence Essay

Chin,Beverly Ann, etal eds. Grendel, as well as his mother, has no knowledge of weapons so he depends on his extraordinary strength to destroy his enemies. In many pagan religions and believes, animals were worshiped as gods.

Grendels actions can be seen almost directly as Satans disgust and jealousy at Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Some would argue that he has a good enough reason to kill. To be famous, according to Beowulf and other characters in the story, is to have great prowess and to accomplish many heroic deeds Lawson.

Beowulf vows to fight Grendel with no weapons and will rely only on his super strength to defeat the monster. By these examples, Vengeance holds no ground in Christianity.

This dragon had tons of beautiful priceless things but a lowly peasant set out to snag a single jeweled cup. Beowulf exhibits Christian behavior in his sympathy for the Danes who were being oppressed by the evil monster Grendel.

Although these two ideas between paganism and christianity may both clash in Beowulf, however Beowulf characteristic still remains most known for his actions in christian ways. Paganism today can be grouped by the belief that there is a pantheon of gods or deities, each controlling the fate of the world.

Another one of Anglo-Saxon beliefs that is described in Beowulfis the characteristic of Paganism. Throughout the reading, Thinking of the creatures as not just monsters but as human-like will give them feeling that a reader might relate to and therefore the creature will seam less ominous.

These pagan, superhuman feats also appear in part two where Beowulf swims downward for an entire day, without oxygen, before reaching the lair of Grendels mother. Beowulf seems afraid of defeat and failure. He was son of Adam and Eve and was the first to ever commit murder in the world Bible.

They become the representation and symbolic meaning of Good versus Evil. In Beowulf lines 15 describes celebration and peace in Herot Hall: Southern versions pretty much did what they wanted.

King Hrothgar and the Dane make offerings at shrines in hopes for someone to come rescue them from Grendel. For example, when Beowulf killed the dragon instead of claiming the treasure that was rightfully his, he gives it to Wiglaf and leaves him to lead his people.

Works Cited Buhres, Emil M.- Pagan Aspects in Beowulf Scholars have argued about the religious stance of the epic poem Beowulf for centuries. Although the man who put the poem down on paper, known as the Beowulf poet, was a devout Christian, the actual poem itself is pagan.

Pagan and Christian Concepts of Fate in Beowulf Essay. The author of Beowulf incorporated the pagan and Christian concepts of fate to promote a system of monarchy where power is passed on through heirs as opposed to the system where the greatest, strongest warrior claims the throne.

Oct, pagan beowulf: epic poem beowulf uses two traditions of beowulf was written in education essay, in beowulf presents the mabinogi: the monster and pagan practices of bravery, especially the anglo saxon ideals of beowulf s story and warriors, christianity function as to as there was a feb, identifies a of god.

The poem of Beowulf stands as one of the earliest works in English in which it deals with feuding, religion and fate. The poem Beowulf relates to his heroic deeds against Grendel, His mother, and the dragon while combining elements of christian ideas as well as pagan ideas.

Christianity in Beowulf Essay Christian vs. Pagan The purpose of this paper is to show the significance of Beowulf to understands both the Christian and pagan humanity.

Beowulf’s action and characterizations in the pagan view has become a major role in the Christian view as well. Erick Buckwalter.

Beowulf Christianity vs. Paganism

Mrs. Payne. English 7 March Pagan vs. Christian Influences in Beowulf. At the time of its creation, Beowulf was influenced by Pagan rituals, deities and ideas, but by passing down the epic narrative word of mouth, an age of Christianity will have had a residual effect on the story.

Beowulf christian pagan essay
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