Biopure corporation case analysis

There are four elements in the calculation which means we need to estimate these factors. Looking at Exhibit 5 in the case we see that approximately 14 million units of blood were donated in As a relatively junior company that is not as well known for human blood related products or as well funded as Baxter, potential Biopure consumers will require a large degree of product education in an effort to build loyalty and brand recognition for Hemopure.

Biopure Corporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Although a higher percentage of veterinarians and consumers would be willing to try the product, it would frustrate them in the long run as we would not be able to satisfy their demand for the product. Given that the two products were almost identical in properties and function, it was thought that the early release of Oxyglobin would create an unrealistic price expectation for Hemopure if released first.

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Hence, it is unethical on part of the company to delay the launch of this product because it is denying animals a proven and effective solution that can address blood supply related constraints in the animal blood market.

These potential customers use, by far, the most blood, and are the most likely to reap much greater revenues and profits. Then the number of animal in each practice is: As Biopure corporation case analysis formula below we can easily get the answer.

Biopure Swot Analysis

Once Biopure is confident they will receive FDA approval to market a human blood substitute, they shoul By delaying the launch of its product in the animal blood market, the company is denying the veterinary community a noble solution that can saves lives of millions of animals around the globe.

Although blood transfusions in the veterinary market are infrequent and the market scope is limited, Oxyglobin has the potential to become a lucrative investment for Biopure.

This scenario also assumes that Biopure can produce Oxyglobin on a second production line that is not yet built. This capacity issue could hinder their ability to bring a proper supply of both products to the market.

Brief summary of ways in which the resolution impacts other issues in the case; c. Hemopure was entering final Phase 3 clinical trials and was optimistically expected to see final FDA approval for release in The threats that are present for Biopure are internal and external.

Also, unused units would have no market potential. Distribution Biopure should focus its targeting on emergency care practices. Given the low rate of donation and short shelf life of RBCs several medical facilities suffered a shortage in RBCs Human blood demand 2.

Doing so will help gain credibility, win the trust of the consumers, and expand the business to later tap into the human market. The target market volume presented like this: In the human blood market Biopure faced competition from two major players, Baxter International and Northfield Laboratories.

International Strategic Management - “biopure” Case Study

Or use it to upload your own PowerPoint slides so you can share them with your teachers, class, students, bosses, employees, customers, potential investors or the world. The final opporutunity that I would like to address is that of the IPO. Oxyglobin is targeted at veterinarians and the animal market while Hemopure is communicating to doctors and insurance companies for the human market.

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The Animal blood market is small and very Biopure corporation case analysis sensitive. It is eminent that the sales pitch clearly identifies the advantages of Hemopure vs.

We must first adjust this number for patients and uses for which Hemopure would not be a good substitute. Rationale for your proposed resolution; b. With the figure from Table A and Table B, we are able to calculate the weighted willingness to trial Oxyglobin from both side.

So what remains are approximately 7 million units used for acute blood loss. Price expectations are different for humans than they are for animal needs. Present a proposed resolution to the issue of marketing the substitute blood product for human use, addressing: It was unlikely that there would emerge new competitors in either market for several years to come as there was lot of research involved in developing suitable blood substitutes and it would take several years for them to get the necessary approvals from the FDA.

This will reduce costs to the consumer and establish a blood source that could be used by everyone. Almost all critical cases are attended to by emergency care units who handle the majority of blood transfusions; we need to focus our attention on them as they will help us drive our revenue.

The solution discusses case study questions related to Biopure case study. It is important to note that these figures do not represent the total sales revenues for Oxyglobin as we are only taking the emergency care practices into account.

You have been asked to prepare a written statement sharing your analysis and evaluation addressing potential ethical issue that may be faced in marketing a new product.Biopure Corporation Case Solution,Biopure Corporation Case Analysis, Biopure Corporation Case Study Solution, Introduction Biopure Corporation was founded in the year The company has been a privately owned pharmaceutical firm.

The company’s two major products. Biopure Corporation Case Write-up Page 1 BACKGROUND ANALYSIS Biopure Corporation (“Biopure”) was founded in with the primary goal of developing a human blood substitute, a product with the oxygen-carrying property of blood but without many of the limitations of donated blood/5(5).

Biopure Corporation: Case Write-Up Problem Definition In February Biopure Corporation faced a difficult decision regarding the launch of its newly. This Case Study International Strategic Management - “biopure” Case Study and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Biopure Corporation Case Analysis.

According to these questions, my first assignment will consist of three parts. Every part will give my responses to the.

Biopure Corp. Case Solution & Answer

BioPure Corporation, which was founded in by entrepreneurs Carl Rausch and David Judelson, is a privately owned biopharmaceutical firm specializing. Biopure Case Analysis Group 1, Section B The analysis deals with the Target Markets and their different segments for the two products of Biopure Corporation, namely Oxyglobin and Hemopure.

Oxyglobin -­‐ Used as a substitute for blood transfusion in dogs.

Biopure corporation case analysis
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