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On 23 Januaryleaders from BJP and other NDA parties convened in the capital to officially elect him as their candidate for the election. The Third Front announced repeatedly through the campaigning period that their prime ministerial candidate would only be decided after the election results came out.

The full text of the manifesto is available at the BJP website. Election analysis india Samajwadi PartyRashtriya Janata Dal and the Lok Janshakti Party failed to reach seat sharing agreements with the Congress and decided to form a new front, hoping to be kingmakers after the election.

Indira Gandhi regained power but was assassinated in National Democratic Alliance[ edit ] Prime Minister candidate: The manifesto laid a Election analysis india of importance on requiring strong, POTA -like anti-terrorism laws and vowed to make India a safer place if the BJP is elected.

From to 1 Januarythere were two commissioners.

Elections in India

The Third Front came into the alliance with 83 MPs, and various polling conducted before the election projected the alliance of getting over seats. In the s, the Congress party splintered.

The two larger coalitions, UPA and NDA, had clearly indicated their prime ministerial candidates during campaigning for the election.

Young and technology savvy politicians quickly realised that voice was the way to reach out to the rural community as they could speak their language. In of January, two chief commissioners were abolished and election commission acted as a single-member body.

The main opposition party, BJP, and its NDA coalition partners announced on 11 December more than a year before the election that their candidate for prime minister would be BJP party leader Advani [30] who was the Leader of the Opposition at the time.

Balloting unit leftcontrol unit right Voting machine. Given the volatile nature of coalition politics in India, many parties changed alliances before, during and after the elections. The government collapsed a few months later, but the NDA returned to power after the general election and this time the Vajpayee-led Government completed its full term from to These include the Representation of the People Act,which mainly deals with the preparation and revision of electoral rolls, and the Representation of the People Act, which deals, in detail, with all aspects of the conduct of elections and post-election disputes.

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The newly formed alliance carried with them seats before the election. Ina coalition government was formed, mostly from regional parties. This practice was instituted in From to 16 Octoberthere was one Chief Election Commissioner. After the citizen votes his or her left index finger is marked with an indelible ink.

Coalitions[ edit ] The general election saw three main national pre-poll alliances. No party is allowed to bribe the candidates before elections. The Third Front tried to contest the election, hoping to create a non-BJP, non-Congress government, by attracting many local and regional parties, that were once with the other two alliances.

Government employees are employed as poll officers at the polling stations. The opinion polls reckoned that other regional parties would play an important role by winning a substantial number of seats. Campaigning ends by 6: The Supreme Court of India has held that where the enacted laws are silent or make insufficient provision to deal with a given situation in the conduct of elections, the Election Commission has the residuary powers under the Constitution to act in an appropriate manner.

The EC has also asked the violators to pay from their own pockets. Electoral procedures[ edit ] Candidates are required to file their nomination papers with the Electoral Commission.

On 1 Octobera further two commissioners were appointed. The ink used contains silver nitrate and so, is photo-sensitive. The CPI M created a campaign website hosting its campaign information to attract sympathisers among the netizen public to vote for the party.

This turned out to be very interesting as two voice companies from India, TringMe and VoiceHawk played the pivotal role in reaching out to the billion people of India.

No party is allowed to use government resources for campaigning.

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The newly formed alliance carried with them 64 seats before the election. The polling is held between 7: It is the federal authority responsible for administering all the electoral processes of India and ensuring they are free and fair.BJP+AD leading with seats: Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections Results LIVE – Get Live updates, News and Analysis.

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Get breaking news updates on Karnataka Assembly election and published at Daily News & Analysis. Meeting with Political Parties on various electoral reforms. Permanent Representatives to the UN from 12 countries visit Election Commission of India.

India held general elections to the 15th Lok Sabha in five phases between 16 April and 13 May With an electorate of million (larger than the electorate of the European Union and United States combined), it was the largest democratic election in the world till the Indian General Elections held from 7 April By constitutional requirement, elections to the Lok Sabha.

Election analysis india
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