How did you address counter arguments without weakening your own premises on identiy theft

But you can reduce your risk of being hurt by identity theft. The IRB decision-makers are specialized and trained to hear refugee cases.

But CIC has no statistical or anecdotal evidence that landing people without documents affects arrivals or acts as a pull-factor.

Avoiding Identity Theft

Ask if you can use another kind of identification do not give your personal information to someone who calls you or emails you On the computer: Requiring passports is unreasonable. If the department of Citizenship and Immigration has any reason to suspect that the individual is a danger to Canada, they can and should intervene at the refugee hearing.

The arrival of a claimant without satisfactory ID is a failure of the control system. We have a refugee determination system to separate out the genuine refugees from the rest. There are many, many reasons why refugees cannot obtain passports. This is an immoral argument.

Deterrence by family separation is immoral. False ID and individual integrity. But the arguments made in favour of denying landing for five years do not support any clear policy objectives. The "integrity" of the refugee system or the immigration system?

Identity Documents: Arguments and Counter-arguments

It suggests that treating people decently is wrong because it may encourage others to come. Some governments control ID as a means of controlling dissidents.

CIC has presented no evidence that the pre-Bill C situation occasioned any security risks whatsoever. Refugees fleeing situations with exit controls or fleeing countries without governments face different situations from those coming from countries where document can be obtained.

Criminality and security checks cannot be done in Somalia or Afghanistan because there is no government. Canada has contradictory policy objectives of preventing people from making refugee claims and of upholding the Geneva Convention on Refugees.

This policy is creating significant hardship in the affected communities. Making life so miserable in Canada that refugees would prefer to stay at home and face persecution or stay in horrible camp situations is immoral.

Refugee protection is always contentious because it involves offering protection to strangers. You get one report free from each company every year. Answer questions from a recorded system. Somali refugees are very concerned about Somali war criminals and have consistently co-operated with CIC by identifying war criminals.

This could mean someone stole your identity. Punishing people for not having ID in this context is senseless. Choose which credit reporting company you want a report from.

It is also highly unlikely that waiting five years will ferret out war criminals have any of the Nazis in Canada been picked up for shoplifting? It is in the interest of all parties that Canada treat refugees who are here decently Jews are very concerned about Nazis.

CIC may think that they are protecting the "integrity" of the immigration system. Desperate people are forced into the hands of smugglers because countries like Canada have built walls with interdiction measures.

You might see charges you do not recognize. Here are some things you can do: To prevent refugee claims the government introduces visa restrictions, fines transport companies, and places immigration control officers overseas. There is no logical connection between delays and identity.

If the arrival of someone without a passport has a negative effect on the "integrity" of the system this can be interpreted in two ways: The high profile cases, like the Palestinian hijacker or the Rwandan accused of genocide, were processed overseas with ID documents.

Another person may arrive with no documents but get ID through their embassy or through friends at home by the time of their application for landing. What is fair about separating the families of convention refugees? That helps you protect your identity. It is highly unlikely that public records will survive the wars in Somalia and Afghanistan.Obtain utilities in your name, without your permission; In some cases, thieves may have received medical services in your name, re-routed your tax refund, or even impersonated you during contact with law enforcement.

Use of a debit card or credit card that you did not approve is also identity theft. In some cases, identity theft occurs. Beware! Identity Theft Priority Academic Student Skills Personal Financial Literacy Changing Your Address.

They complete a change of address card, creating a you, without your permission. 3. What did you learn from this exercise? How to Protect Yourself from ID Theft.

Your identity is your own. Let’s keep it that way. Did You Know • Identity theft has been first on the Federal Trade Commission’s list of consumer complaints for 12 consecutive years. visit Avoiding Identity Theft.

Share This Page. Facebook; Twitter; Linked-In; Print Text size. Listen icon What is identity theft? Identity theft is a serious crime. Identity theft happens when someone uses information about you without your permission. They could use your: name and address a change of your address that you did not expect.

identity documents: arguments and counter-arguments On January 30, regulations came into force imposing a five year wait between the time an individual is found to be a refugee and the time they can obtain permanent residence for those who do not have "satisfactory" identity documents.

Learn how identity theft happens and get info on low and high tech methods, from simple phone scams to data breach. but if you go into the local retailer down the street and talk to the guy behind the counter he will have no idea what are talking about. It's gotten to the point that states are taking matters into their own hands to.

How did you address counter arguments without weakening your own premises on identiy theft
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