How to write a feature story for yearbook quotes

Rather, keep notes, review them and figure out which quotes you want to use. Adhere to AP style. Quote at least two other people who know the subject of your story well. The plagiarism checker from Grammarly is an easy one to use.

What are they wearing? Finally, in both content and general page design, be aware of white space. Similarly, being a member of a varsity sports team takes talent but it is not newsworthy.

Feature news items that had an impact on the community At its heart, a yearbook is a deep look at a community.

What to write in yearbooks – The Journalist’s Guide to Yearbook Writing

Need a primer on yearbook terms? They delve beneath the surface to look at what motivates people, what excites them, what makes them interesting.

Here are a few ways to do just that: An example of passive voice: For those who need a refresher, active voice is when the subject of a sentence is doing the action, while passive voice is when the subject of a sentence is being acted upon. However, if the same student was the only person to win a national award for community service or just got signed by a professional orchestra, that would be newsworthy.

Provides an interesting angle or approach to the story. It gets right to the point in about 30 words. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Strong verbs convey more meaning than weak verbs, and help bring a yearbook story to life. In other words, to align. With interview pieces, students can explore a wide range of opinions on the topics of the day.

Have your students look for important impacts both big and small. Be an Active Writer To write active and entertaining yearbook stories, you need to use active and entertaining language.

School Yearbook Writing

What we become is our gift to God.Quotes are excellent devices for giving credibility to a story, adding opinion, and color.

Get quotes that add good information and personality to the story. Avoid quotes that. School Yearbook Writing Incorporate quotes to move the story forward. Writing Yearbook Captions. Yearbook captions are the most read copy and should be included with every yearbook photo.

Begin with interesting and engaging words. Write concisely. No laughing. No crying. No fighting. No hugging.

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No mouse throwing. No defining moments. But this yearbook story, written in different forms about different groups of people, appears all over American yearbooks on sports, academic and people pages.

Quotes are a great way to support and give life to a story, but they have to be interesting. The yearbook is the story of what happened that year. Each spread tells a story. Each component of the spread (headlines, captions, copy, photos, graphic elements) all work together as a story package.

How to Write a Yearbook Story People Will Love to Read

May 03,  · i have to write a feature story on a girl in my class who is: obsessed with jonas brothers -loves mall/shopping -loves music -loves movies -etc. you ge tthe idea i wrote it originally, and my yearbook instructor told me that it was too Resolved.

A good yearbook staff needs to know how to write a yearbook story, but that can be easier said than done. After all, writing something that people enjoy reading takes a lot of practice—even more than yearbook design and photography.

How to write a feature story for yearbook quotes
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