Mathesis tester specs

Then set idle speed and mixture using air bleeds and idle trimmer as required. These are based on correcting the baseline reference between the TPS and throttle butterfly — ie, when the throttle is fully shut the ECU reads it as fully shut, not open a bit or shut more than fully not a physical, but an electronic thing.

Wind the air bleeds 9, 10 fully in, I usually record how far out they were, just in case I need to go back to where I started.

In the photo you can see the trimmer is set at about 60 degrees lean which looks identical to degrees rich, unless you look really hard and can see the little dots that act as arrow head edges. Turn the Mathesis tester specs on and read the voltage.

To check this voltage you need to get the throttle fully shut and hook into the TPS circuit with the ignition on or use the Mathesis test function and separate lead.

So it seemed 1. The idle trimmer on them is the screw in a hole next to the large wiring loom connector often covered by a plastic cap. See the diagram below for the location of the terminals to take the voltage from.

What this means is that, if you need to baseline your Linear TPS throttle bodies after you or someone else has played with them, you can use the following equation to calculate how many mV you need to open the throttle for the correct idle stop setting: I returned the idle stop to where it was before and removed the throttle bodies.

Set the manifold vacuum balance synchronisation via the balance adjustment nut 11 or throttle linkage rod 6 nuts using mercury sticks, etc at various RPM.

Απολαύστε τη χαρά της μάθησης

Performed the TPS reset procedure using the electronic diagnostic tool and then put it back together. There is no default or ideal setting for the trim pot, just wherever it ends up.


Then turn back 2 turns counter clockwise and this is the central position. Now you can Mathesis tester specs connect a multimeter into the backs of the terminals.

Or not lucky and still have a poorly idling or running bike. There is no way to get around it. This is more to ensure the setting is actually checked and correct than anything else. We had another set of throttle bodies kicking around from aso I did the same thing to them. The concept transfers directly to all the Ducati and Moto Guzzi models as well.

There are more of these electronic diagnostic tools becoming available all the time. The TPS is now set. The procedure we adopted is laid out below. You may also need to know that some of the Ultimap eproms disable the idle trimmer. First you disconnect the big black multipin connector from the ECU, levering the lock tab up with a small screwdriver.

This was also the official MV Agusta tool, but it also works on many different brands and can be purchased in a few different capability specs with prices that vary accordingly. Second, and maybe somewhat easier when access is an issue, is reading the voltage at the ECU connector. So if you adjust the balance, you have to reset the TPS.

As with a mixture screw, clockwise is lean, anti clockwise is rich. The assumption here is that the throttle bodies will be set correctly with the idle stop holding the throttle blade at the specified angle.Controllo impianto di ricarica Testing the recharging system Per verificare l’equilibrio del circuito To check the efficiency of the di ricarica del motociclo è possibile motorcycle recharging system, use utilizzare lo strumento di diagnosi the “MATHESIS” tester and the “MATHESIS” che è dotato di pinza clamp-type amperemeter supplied amperometrica.

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Mathesis tester specs
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