National grid transmission business plan

Wider works may be required to fully secure the network and allow efficient ongoing operation of the network; constraint costs may be incurred while the wider works are being delivered. Refer to our Outputs annex?

As this is just one view of the future, however, we have modelled alternative outcomes in order to ensure that neither we nor consumers face windfall gains or losses if reality should differ.

For operational expenditure, we national grid transmission business plan embedded an average long-term efficiency level of 1.

Managing commodity price volatility Independent, specialist advisors forecast that prices for commodities such as fuel, materials and specialist labour will rise faster than general inflation.

Refer to our How we will deliver and Efficiency and value for money annexes The survey itself must not be a resource burden on stakeholders. For example, the money we spend on maintaining our assets contributes to the safety and environmental outputs, but the main reason for the work is to maintain reliability.

Although we welcome the fact that the planning process is more predictable, this makes the process longer and more expensive. As a group, we have traced previously published and verifiable data back to to define our baseline emission level as The key updates agreed with Ofgem are: We have built our baseline plan on the industry-tested Gone Green scenario, which was supported by our stakeholders.

National Grid Electricity Transmission s RIIO-T1 business plan overview

The chart below shows the proportion of our totex costs associated with each output. We engage in early and regular discussions with customers throughout the connections process and assist potential developers in preparation of a shortlist of development options by offering advice on likely connection times and complexity.

For each output, we describe what was included in our July business plan, what our stakeholders have told us is important to them, and what we are proposing in our updated March submission. Europe will have an increasing effect on the UK s energy regulation and legislation in the coming years, as signalled by the development of European Network Codes.

This states that we will carry out full and thorough stakeholder consultation in relation to every new route, taking this into consideration with the applicable technical considerations in order to determine the best route possible for each individual case.

We have weighed up the benefits of alternative delivery models for our main activities and have explored the trade-off between activities to deliver required outputs. Maintenance can help manage the associated risk; however, there will come a point where replacement or refurbishment is required to maintain reliability.

NOMs allow us to forecast the future network risk based on what we know about how assets degrade over time.MARCH National Grid Electricity Transmission s RIIO-T1 business plan overview Connecting a sustainable future UK ELECTRICITY TRANSMISSION Contents 01 Introduction 02 The structure of our plan.

National Grid plays a vital role in connecting millions of people safely, reliably and efficiently to the energy they use. Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our customers, stakeholders and communities today and make possible the energy systems of tomorrow.

Our Transmission Talking Networks website helps us to engage with you, our. Electricity Transmission’s RIIO-T1 business plan 01 Introduction This document sets out National Grid Electricity Transmission’s (NGET) business plan.

National Grid Annual Report and Accounts /16 National Grid plc 1–3 Strand London WC2N 5EH We convert our US business results at the average exchange rate during the year, transport gas from the national transmission system to around million consumers on behalf of.

National Grid’s Local Transmission Plan Peter Altenburger Roy Pfleiderer October 22, Planning Horizon, Data, Assumptions, Tools 2 Planning horizon required by NERC standards is 10 years; National Note: Some National Grid transmission lines extend outside its retail service areas.

Business Practices, Waivers, and Exemptions: ATC Information: National Grid's Local Transmission Plan .pdf) Contact Information For more information about the OASIS, or if you have any questions about National Grid transmission services in NY, please email [email protected] and in New England.

National grid transmission business plan
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