Pros and cons of panera bread strategy

The threats for the firm include strong competitive threat from players such as Starbucks as well as other casual dining chains.

Panera Bread Business Model and Growth Strategy

These chains want to have customers coming in to see that there are food products that have been freshly made just for them. Offering sandwiches and seasonal items rounds out the customer demand so that brand loyalty develops with every serving offered.

Since the company has franchise operated cafes, despite standard operating procedures for these franchises, there is a greater need to focus on motivating customer service associates at these franchises.

Since the company is aggressively expanding its operations across United States of America and Canada, there will be a requirement of staffing more skilled employees and less unskilled employees due to automation of certain systems.

The company has a network of around stores and possess strong reputation in terms of serving high quality items. Side dishes and entrees featuring these low-cost food items are one of the most craved chain foods that working professionals want over the course of the day. Value can be found in cleanliness, speed, or cost, but the actual flavors and textures of the menu items cannot be ignored either.

Panera bread does a good work in differentiating its menu items, guest experience, food quality and ambiance by constantly evolving its strategy via innovative approaches such as use of new But still there is a need to With the Panera Bread business model, creativity is demanded of each employee.

Strategic Analysis of Panera Bread Company

This will lead to higher motivation of these employees to deliver the best of the customer services. Low-cost proteins are difficult to manipulate into something tempting, but this chain makes it happen.

The data from glassdoor. Use your current location to perfect your best practices so that profits can be maximized.

Other players have also started to focus on healthy and organic offerings which poses a threat to Panera. In doing so, a business can limit their overhead costs in many different budgetary areas. There are lots of restaurants that offer fast service and higher quality ingredients, but this chain does so with an emphasis on the traditional deli-style experience and personal customer service.

Similarly, HR policies of the company needs improvement so that the customer service executives are not only well trained but also delighted themselves due to job satisfaction relating to compensation and work life balance which is relatively lower Glassdoor, Further, there is a need to identify the areas where skill development is required such as customer service, supply chain, processing of fresh dough etc.

It is dependent on the North American markets and thus, unable to exploit growth opportunities in emerging markets. Customer would like to have a fresh and healthy breakfast with wider product variety and a good ambience and will like to pay a slightly higher price for healthier options.

Panera Bread has good employee relations as per the facts of the case.Panera Bread's Strategy Panera aspires to be a "nationally recognized Panera Bread's Strategy Pros & Cons Growth though Franchising Less risk Less capital expenses Responsibilities shifted to franchisees Less control Loss of focus Difficult to imitate --> path dependency.

An analysis of Panera Bread Company’s financial situation shows some financial pros and cons for potential inventors.

The company has reported increasing sales as well as net strategy and aims to let customers discover Panera on their own. Panera. The Panera Bread business model incorporates a focus on high quality foods at low-costs.

This has been a growing trend within the entire food industry as of late, but especially within the quick service restaurants. Mar 23,  · I have been working at Panera Bread part-time (More than a year) Pros The associates and managers are very nice.

50% off discount on food during work, as well as 1/2 hour before and after Current Employee - Hourly Associate.

Panera Bread - SWOT/VRIO Analysis

Today, he is the founder and CEO of Panera Bread Co., which has nearly 2, locations in the US and Canada, 80, employees, and a market capitalization of $ billion. Through a series of ah. Panera Bread Strategy Pros And Cons. Running head: PANERA BREAD CASE Title: Panera Bread Strategy Ron Johnson March 1, Southwestern College .

Pros and cons of panera bread strategy
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