Starbucks hr policies and practices

Through the adequate implementation of human resources management, that comprises all the activities that a company takes to attract, develop and retain committed employees, Starbucks remain one of the most awarded company for its Human Resources practices web-books.

Moreover, by achieving this alignment, Starbucks had a fast growth in this industry and as well the company easily succeeded to differentiate itself from the competitors in the market.

Another example of promoting equality was by not capitalizing the job titles emphasizing that everyone within the organization is treated with the same degree of respect and humbleness. According to Thompsoncompanies must provide to employees more than an adequate salary and a medical plan in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Moreover, Starbucks was offering dental and vision insurance and as well it was covering different medical treatments, such as hypnotherapy and naturotherapy. Its aim was to bring together employees that shared the same interest, varying from parenting until social activities.

The aim of this guiding principle was to maintain Starbucks atmosphere by strengthening the relationship amongst employees and by encouraging them to be creative.

Refer to Appendix I. For instance, managers of different departments had to call random stores and to thank employees for their good performance Canak, Starbucks uses its Human Resources policies and practices as a strategy to gain competitive advantage within the international market and the retail industry.

In addition, they should have the appropriate communication skills in interacting with customers in order to create the proper environment that Starbucks was trying to promote.

Public Policy & Internal Standards

The person to whom the comment was addressed to was responsible to give an answer in maximum two weeks with the propose solutions for the certain matter. Moreover, in order to retain its employees Starbucks developed a unique strategy. Business strategy aligned with Human Resources policies Starbucks remains one of the companies that value its mission statement and principles by trying to implement them within the organization and by rising awareness amongst their employees on a regularly basis.

Also, the mission statement was of greater importance for Starbucks and in order to increase its awareness, employees were provided with a copy of the mission statement when joining the company.

This program was taken very seriously and it proved to be a success by accumulating more than two hundred Mission Review opinions every month McGraw-Hill College Division, Furthermore, these benefits led to employee motivation, recognition and on the same time the company succeeded to have a low employee turnover.

Furthermore, Starbucks developed its human resources policies and strengthen them to the extent that employees felt connected with the managers and the organization itself. The overall strategies and efforts implemented by Starbucks has helped the company to retain, motivate and empowered its employees by remaining one of the most recognized companies worldwide in the retail industry.

Starbucks programs have proved to be successful in terms of creating employees retention and motivation.

Starbucks' Human Resource Management Policies and the Growth Challenge

Due to the fact that the recruitment process represents a vital step for the organization it is of greater importance to hire the right candidates, provide them with training sessions and ensure them a fast development within the company. Retaining valuable employees employees implies encouraging them to succeed, evaluating them on a r egularly basis, providing them with benefits and being able to undertake the necessary actions to keep them within the organization.

In addition, inStarbucks became recognized by its flexibility by offering to all employees an adaptable schedule in order to create a balance between work and life Regani, The company gained recognition amongst people by being one of the first organizations to offer same advantages and benefits to part-time workers as for the fulltime employees Wilson, Besides this, they were also taught the service principles.

This work-life balance concept was designed in order to help employees to cope with their daily life problems and on the same time to be able to maintain or improve their work performance.

In addition, Starbucks was the only company in this industry that offered the highest wages by exceeding the minimum wage as specified by state laws by a reasonable margin Regani, Employees that achieved a certain number of hours benefited of health insurance coverage, which depended on the personal needs of each worker.Starbucks HR policies and practices Employees at Starbucks represent an important asset of the company and they are crucial for the company‟s growth.

HRM Policies and Starbucks Recruitment & selection Policy and Starbucks Starbucks is one of the world biggest organizations and having each day addition of five new stores in its large profile and in order to maintain this magnificent growth Starbucks has to hire new employees every day.

The company’s recruitment motto is “To have the right people hiring the right people” by focusing on people’s energy and believing that candidates with the appropriate skills might.1 Starbucks HR policies and practices Recruitment Employees at Starbucks represent an important asset of the company and they are crucial for the company.

The Starbucks Corporation utilizes its human resources practices and policies as a strategy to gain competitive advantage and drive the overall success of the company and its globalization efforts.

The purpose of this research paper is to analyze. Starbucks ® Blonde Espresso That’s why we believe we have a responsibility to advocate both internal and public policies that support the health of our business, our partners (employees) and the communities we serve.

Global Human Rights – our commitment to basic human rights as a core component of the way we do business. To download Starbucks' Human Resource Management Policies and the Growth Challenge case study » To understand the relationship between positive human resource management policies and work culture and employee motivation Human Resources Management at Starbucks: 3.

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Starbucks hr policies and practices
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