The consequences of epilepsy essay

The external physical signs of the coma stage are very few. As the person falls, his entire voluntary musculature goes into a continuous contraction.

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This classification is based on the area and the degree of brain damage. The attack first starts in one part of the body with a tingling or numbing sensation around the corner of the mouth or in a thumb along with muscle switches and burning sensations.

But nevertheless, he resumes his activity after a few seconds. He must accept the disease openly. It is of no value in petit mal. There is high risk of venous thrombophlebitis with diazepam, which is minimized by giving diazepam emulsion as Diazemuls. Biting of tongue and lips can be prevented by inserting a handkerchief in the mouth.

It is a small or incomplete grandmal convulsion. Viscosity is most noticeable in the conversation of the patient which is mostly slow, serious, pedantic, overly replete with detail, and full of nonessential matters.

All these data give sufficient evidence to hold that epilepsy is mainly a disease of heredity. Chances are equal for both the sexes though it is more frequent in males.

In this type of seizure there are fair chances of recovery. This type of epilepsy was first described by the English neurologist Hiegh Lings Jackson and so it is also called Jacksonian epilepsy. As a result of chronic brain pathology there are unpredictable seizures and frequent states of delirium which of course remain for a short duration.

From that point of view, all the cotwins of identical epileptic twins should have convulsions but only 61 to 86 per cent are affected. Phenytoin is effective in all forms of epilepsy except petit mal.

They are intellectually bright with pleasant personal experiences, courage to face problems of life without getting depressed and losing competency in work.

Essay on Epilepsy: It’s Causes Diagnosis and Treatment

Epilepsy has been classified in the West by Wilson into Grandmal or major; Petitmal or minor and psychomotor equivalent and Jacksoniad types.

However, it is said to produce changes in perception, self awareness, thought patterns and mood. In the post conversant period some patients become so much confused that they forget about the attack or are even not conscious of their action.

Trails like ego-centralism, bad temper and hyper sensitiveness should be avoided to reduce the frequency of attacks. Studying a number of epileptic patients, Clark has reported four important personality traits present in the epileptics.

Almost any required or genetic pathological process involving the brain may cause epilepsy. Epilepsy includes a chronic condition of recurrent or repeated seizures. This is popularly known as dehydration treatment. Although diazepam will usually stop the fits, relapse quite commonly occurs within the next hour.

Epilepsy and Brain Waves: The variation in sensation depends upon the area of the brain affected. Diazepam is the most effective and is given intravenously in a dose of 10 mg.

Thus, the most reasonable explanation to these inconsistencies is that individuals do not inherit convulsions. A seizure is a transient, paroxysmal, patho-physiological disturbance of cerebral function caused by a spontaneous excessive discharge of cortical neurons.

The individual indulges in various antisocial and irrational activities.The Consequences of Epilepsy Essay Words | 7 Pages The Consequences of Epilepsy Epilepsy: Any of various neurological disorders characterized by sudden recurring attacks of motor, sensory, or psychic malfunction with or without loss of consciousness or convulsive seizures (1).

Epilepsy is a chronic seizure disorder. The hallmark of Epilepsy is recurrent, unprovoked seizures. In the United States alone, there are aroundnew cases of Epilepsy every year (Sirven and Shafer).

Epilepsy affects more individuals than cerebral palsy, cancer, tuberculosis, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis combined (Fletcher). Essay on Epilepsy: It’s Causes Diagnosis and Treatment! Having the oldest history among all mental disorders, and most widely known and found throughout the history of human beings, epilepsy refers to a group of brain disorders, the chief symptoms of which are partial or complete loss of consciousness with or without convulsive behaviour or.

The Consequences of Epilepsy - The Consequences of Epilepsy Epilepsy: Any of various neurological disorders characterized by sudden recurring attacks of motor, sensory, or psychic malfunction with or without loss of consciousness or convulsive seizures (1).

Is epilepsy a purely physical phenomenon. The question is a complicated one. - Epilepsy Not everyone who has a seizure has epilepsy. Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by recurrent, unprovoked seizures.

Unprovoked means that there is no immediate cause for the seizure, such as a fever, an infection of the brain, or head trauma. ADVERTISEMENTS: Here is an essay on the ‘Drugs Used for the Treatment of Epilepsy’ for class 11 and Find paragraphs, long and short essays on the ‘Drugs Used for the Treatment of Epilepsy’ especially written for college and medical students.

Essay # 1. Antiepileptic Drugs: Antiepileptic drugs are used in the treatment of epilepsy [ ].

The consequences of epilepsy essay
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