Trends in nursing research

Stem Cell Technology Nurse — An increasing amount of research is being conducted into the beneficial aspects of stem cell technology in the treatment of multiple diseases, including many cancers.

This usually involves a number of years on a research Trends in nursing research thesis project, which you will then need to defend. Genetics Nurse — Due to continuing advancements in the study of genetics, nurses with specialized training in genetics will be in great demand as sequencing technology becomes more prevalent.

Nursing professionals are typically exposed to the most change as they are navigating the front lines of patient care. There are research projects worldwide developing a variety of applications for the integration of robots into the healthcare setting.

7 Future Job Trends For Nurse Practitioners

We want to know what your thoughts are on what is next in the field of nursing. There has been discussion about utilizing robots to alleviate future nursing shortages, however, in the near term they will be used to supplement the nursing workforce, not replace them. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing has reported that the average age of a nurse with a Ph.

Two, in particular, are on the leading edge for the future of nursing: This technology has even migrated to the actual patient beds and mattress pads where weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, sleep patterns and more are constantly being transmitted.

A recent survey conducted by Clinical Advisor stated that over a quarter of all nurse practitioners currently work in offices.

The health needs of the population are changing as we are dealing with people who become increasingly old, but who deal with a range of problems such as obesity and obesity-related illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes.

More Medical Device Technologies. It is important to consider which area of nursing you are most interested in, particularly since all areas will be in demand. New Nursing Specialties Experience Growth.

Holistic nursing embraces the total mind, body and spirit approach to patient care. It is believed that this trend is due to the fact that there are far fewer licensed physicians in such areas.

This demonstrates the incredible need for highly educated nurses, who will be able to take over the roles of educators in the very near future. The proliferation of patient monitoring technologies and data collection allow for this layered approach to alarm notifications and responses.

As such, outpatient care is in high demand. These are nurse midwives, nurse anesthetistsnurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists. Job Outlook The outlook for nurses who have obtained a Ph.

Additionally, the majority of nurses worked at many different locations, mainly due to the fact that many hospitals take on temporary staff. There is never a shortage of new specialties for nurses to consider as they manage their career.CURRENT TREND AND ISSUES OF NURSING | Current Trend in Nursing Research What is research?

Focused on uncovering new knowledge to help understand phenomena, answer questions, or address problems, Goal directed, A systematic process of inquiry. Research means “to search again or carefully examine” (Langford ).

Holistic Nursing: Back to the Future. As the growth of alternative health care continues throughout the world, many nurses are following the trend and treating it as a specialty practice. One of the main drivers of the alternative care revolution is the growing focus on wellness activities and disease prevention.

Nursing education and research must become more internationally focused to disseminate information and benefit from the multicultural experience. 4. The Era of the Educated Consumer, Alternative Therapies and Genomics, and Palliative Care. Trends and priorities in nursing research. Rev Latino-am Enfermagem julho-agosto; 12(4) This document initially presents an introduction to the global scenario in which nursing research is set today.

Next, the. Trends in Nursing. Trends in nursing are closely tied to what is happening to healthcare in general. Trends are fascinating phenomena, but they do not exist in vacuums.

TRENDS AND ISSUES IN NURSING Ram Sharan Mehta, Associate Professor .

Trends in nursing research
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